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Nylon Mag’s online vids & Getting out of the office! WoOt!

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I love Nylon Magazine!


I don’t know what I love more – the fact that I can get entire issues online for free in a cool flippity format or the fact that they now have an online video channel.

…Unfortunately, the quality of their videos is sadly, quite crappy. And it doesn’t matter how great your content is if people can barely stand watching it.

Here are some examples of magazines doing the online video thing a tad (ok, a lot) better for my already over used peepers:

National Geographic


But to be fair, I also found a magazine with an even worse offering of video – Seventeen. It looks like they haven’t updated their video extras area since 2005. How do I know this? Because I worked on the MTV reality show “Miss Seventeen” and that is the only content that is living there (as of today). Woops! I wonder how many teen girls even bother to visit the site in the first place. It seems pretty dead.


 via sutje

Heh heh. Yes, tis true. Bright and early I am accompanying producer Tami on a bilingual bands shoot. This will be my first experience on an MTV News shoot, being that I work for the digital side. It will be an interesting experience working on a project from both realms – the on air & the digital. 

Stay tuned for many updates on this because A) I love bilingual bands, B) I pitched the show idea, and C) I plan on promoting the crap out of it. I am looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

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The 2.0 Life of Daniela

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So, besides the other 2 million media related things I involve myself with, I am also a columnist for Urban Latino Magazine. ..Although I find it to be an interesting read, their website is poo, but don’t blame me because I didn’t design it!

The best part about contributing to this rag is that it exposes me to upcoming Latino artists and creative types. I was introduced to Pistolera by reviewing their debut album (who I contacted through myspace), which turned into me directing/producing their first music video, so I find it interesting how my life is connected by all these random threads…

Last month I profiled new media guru Jose Castillo for the first installment of my Latinos in Tech column (that I wish I could link to, but can’t because of Urban Latino’s very un-web 2.0 site!!!). I “found” Jose through one of my favorite sites, Beet TV, where he was featured speaker on online video trends.

Jose is going to be at PodcampNYC and I think I’m going to go too, just to hang out with him in person and fill my head with lots of podcasty goodness.

MTV soon to let you Snag (woohoo)

… I keep reading everywhere that the “big news” is that MTV is going to start allowing viewers to grab video. This has been in the works forever so it’s not really big news to me.

Mika Salmi, MTV Networks president of global digital media, was quoted as saying: 

“We need to open up our websites and content both for consumers and for other companies.”

Comedy Central already lets you embed their clips, so I will be excited (I guess) when all channels/divisions including MTV News have the ability to do this. … But in a way it’s kind of like trying to get excited about, let’s say, gaining the ability to draw a circle. It’s good that it will happen, but it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo about time. geez.

In any case, right now you can get around not being able to download MTV News content in Overdrive by subscribing to our video podcasts. I have seen many of our podcast files in youtube, which means some of the smarties in our audience are doing their part to share what they like.

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