64th Annual Golden Globe Awards

working in the digital age and trashy girl bands gone polished

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So after all that work last night, you should be nice to me and check out all the coverage we did on the golden globes (Overdrive/Video Feature). Yes, I know an all flash environment sucks. Well, we all think it sucks over here and it will be changing soon! The flipbook that was tormenting me until the wee hours of the night is up as well, it’s included as an add-on to this article (click Jennifer Hudson’s face on the right side of the story in the “related photos” section).

Both the east and west coast teams worked their butts off to get all this content together, and it makes me wonder how many people actually have checked it all out. With so many bloggers liveblogging the event and “indie” media sites doing their own coverage, do people even bother to check out articles written by “real” writers any more? From major corps like Viacom? I wonder…

But enough free promotion for my work. On to more important things…

This morning I found my old Donna’s CD under my bed and was listening to that awesome tune – Rock & Roll Machine.


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The result of covering the golden globes until 2am

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Working for a digital news team has its perks and its… not so perk-like attributes.  Things can be very hectic or there can be a lot of downtime. Tonight was a bit of both. As an unfortunate result, I became addicted to this piece of garbage:


I have seriously watched this like 12 times in a row. I will never forgive MTV for this. Or Tracy Adkins. Or Jennifer for sending this to me. Ever.

Someone, please help me.

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Covering the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards: Daniela Thoughts

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Tonight I am at work, eastern standard time, prepping the content for MTV’s flipbook on the 64th Annual Golden Globe Awards. It’s not done yet so you can check out the “hot off the presses” pre show red carpet action here, thanks to my lovely coworker sitting behind me.

I am lazily live blogging this, as the wire services have yet to post images of people actually walking away with their awards from the podiums so I am sort of killing time until then…

11:02pm – Before you fill your head with my incoherent ramblings, check out this article on early awards coverage


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