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Wired Magazine Blogs: What if I want to read all at once?

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I love Wired Magazine’s blogs.

Question: Why isn’t there a location to easily subscribe to all feeds? Even if I click within a specific blog, they don’t display the feed or provide info on how to access it.

Why don’t they have an “RSS” area where I can easily subscribe to any feed I choose? Is there one? Am I blind? Have I gone mad?

Last question: Why don’t they offer a feed that pulls ALL of their blog entries at once? I seriously would read all their blogs, all the time, if I could get them in one feed. You think that’s sad? Whatever, it’s true.

So, I searched Yahoo Pipes and found a mashup that pulls everything off the home server
…but it didn’t work for me in bloglines. I tried to create my own pipe, but for some reason it wasn’t pulling in any data. Oh well.

For those not so obsessed with all Wired blogs, here is a list of individual feeds that came up in a Bloglines feed search:

All Wired Magazine Blogs & associated Feeds


…If someone can create a mashup feed of all of these for me, I will be your best friend 🙂 Please.

Beyond the Beyond


Explore the world of Cars 2.0, alternative fuels and the future of transportation.

Compiler (Monkeybites) *my favorite*
Everything you need to know about the software that makes the web tick — and how you can put it to use on your own digital media projects.


Tracking the Rise of the Amateur

Cult of Mac
Get the scoop on all things Apple, including the fans that have fueled a cultural phenomenon.

Danger Room

What’s next for the military, law enforcement and national security.

Wired’s unique take on technology business news and the Silicon Valley scene.


FurthermoreThe Wired News copy desk keeps it real with commentary on the day’s more peculiar news stories.

Gadget Lab
Get first looks at dozens of products, plus in-depth reviews of the newest, the best and the essential.

Game Life

What’s really going on in the world of video games? Game|Life cuts through the spin and nails all the action.

Geek Dad
Tech toys, science projects and other nerdy things to do with your kids.

Listening Post

The latest in digital music news, tools and gear, plus coverage of the best new music online.

Table of Malcontents

Wired’s wonder closet of ephemera, spotlighting those highly creative misfits on the fringe of art and culture.

Threat Level
Your daily briefing on security, freedom and privacy in the wired world.

The Underwire
Taking the pulse of pop culture, from the editors of Wired magazine.

Wired Science
Wired magazine editors weigh in with observations and musings on the latest science news, from deep space to DNA sequencing.

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I love Wired, but don’t like getting Fired.

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I read in my bloglines account that Wired Magazine is asking readers to participate in an article on radical transparency.

The thesis:

“In today’s ultranetworked online world, you can accomplish more by being insanely open about everything you’re doing. Indeed, in many cases it’s a superbad idea to operate in highly secret mode — because secrets get leaked anyway, looking like a paranoid freak is a bad thing, and most importantly, you’re missing out on opportunities to harness the deeply creative power of an open world.”

The three areas of research will be:

he three ideas I’m researching are:

Secrecy Is Dead:

Tap The Hivemind:

Reputation Is Everything …The point that a lot of commenters made was that with so much information being put out there about you already without your consent via your friend’s/coworkers/enemies blogs was – is it in your best interest to be as public and open about yourself online as possible?

I guess in a way I am toying with the idea of personal transparency through this blog. In the past few years, I have been way more public about personal details of my life than I ever have been in the past. When I first started actively using the internet, around fifteen years old, I wouldn’t have dreamed of sharing my real name, background info, or photos. As I met people online and formed relationships with them, only then did I do those things. Nowadays, people use their real names in profile pics, blog about intimate details of their lives, post photos of their close family members – all for the world to see. It’s changed the way people interact with eachother. We google people in advance for information, find out about their interests before they share them, and form a perception of their personalities even before they offer their own world view.

I have noticed that in the last few entries where I have mentioned my work, I have had to filter myself. I want to figure out a way to talk about my work experiences in digital production for news without compromising my job security, because I think what I do is interesting and a good representation of how all these changes in new media are affecting young workers like me, who juggle production/digital skills and who’s job descriptions change on a daily basis, depending on need.

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