Rethinking Autism

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Amanda Baggs creates one of the most original, thought-provoking videos I have seen in… well, ever.

via Zadi Diaz

I was intruiged by her channel description:

“This channel will mostly contain videos made about autistic liberation and disability rights, for the autistic self-advocacy website It also contains a few more personal videos. Website:”

..I worked for a special needs school in CA for two and a half years, and up until that experience it never really occured to me in my daily life that people with Autism had much of a viewpoint on anything. This is an honest admission, and clearly after that experience my perception changed. I hope you watch this video because it’s a definite eye opener.

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The Lot and Workout Guilt

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I don’t know about you, but I am excited about The Lot,a “filmmaker idol”-style show by Steven Spielberg.

From their website:

“ON THE LOT, executive-produced by Mark Burnett and Steven Spielberg, will give aspiring filmmakers from around the world the chance to earn a $1-million development deal at DreamWorks…”

I always find out about these things too late! Oh well. It’s motivation to continue on my own projects and perhaps, if it’s still around, I will submit next season.

Speaking of creative vids, coworker and artiste Jim Cantiello recently posted something hilarious on YouTube, check it out:

Happy Friday!

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New Blogger Jitters & Why I love Laz Rojas

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… So.

It’s come to my attention that 15 people have subscribed to my blog. One of those people has to be my mother, and perhaps another one or two are people from work (wuttup!).

… But the remaining 13???? Who are you???? I am scared. Not really. But, it is only my 2nd week writing in this thing and I never presumed to think anyone would care enough to subscribe this early on, and now I already find myself checking my feedburner account at least twice a day, trying to figure out how many people have stopped by to puruse my ramblings. What have I gotten myself into?

I feel like I should reciprocate somehow. If you are a subscriber, shoot me a link with your blog if you have one and I will check it out…

Last night Laz Rojas saved my Life

Laz Rojas 

Last night two things happened that will stick with me for all of my days.

#1 – I had a really excellent meeting with my Little Sister

#2 – Later that evening I, feeling like I had polkadots of anxiety swirling in my head due to trying to see where my career is/could be headed, I went searching for inspiration online (where else), and stumbled across LAZ ROJAS.

Laz, according to his website, is a a 43 year old actor/writer/filmmaker
currently residing in Miami, Florida and is also an artist/cartoonist.

He epitomizes, to me, a true indie filmmaker. Whether or not you like his creations, he is an artist with his own vision, who isn’t afraid to make his ideas come to life.

This is a scene from Laz’s comedy screenplay “Flakes”, taken from his one-man demo tape in which he portrays over 100 characters in scenes from his screenplays. These are all written, performed, directed, produced, and edited by Laz.

I am entranced by the ease in which he is able to transition from playing male to female roles. And is it just me, or when he plays the women in the pink dress – is he channeling Barbra Streisand?

I love this man, simply because he is not afraid to do what he dreams.

After seeing this, and finally finishing One Hundred Years of Solitude, I feel that I am slowly escaping this mental creative funk I have been trapped in and I am ready for good things to come….

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