Mun2 Response to WTF #2 – Mun2’s random gay diss

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Jose (Director of Mun2 Digital) says:
March 1st, 2007 at 8:50 am Hey Daniela,

It was great to read your post and know that you’re enjoying our clips. Let me clarify: in the case of RBD, the word “gay” was used repeatedly by the audience in reference to a group that is perceived by many of them as very plastic – moreso than the Backstreet Boys ever where. Moreover, that clip was an audience question round-up: we literally cited the audience’s words.

I do take your concerns about using the word gay in the “Spirited Away” review seriously. My opinion is that this review is so obviously over the top, so ridiculous in every way, that whether we used a fat joke (as you suggested) or a joke about effeteness (as we did) they would be interpreted as inane, childish jabs.

You’re not going to find support for homophobia in our content and I encourage you to keep me to that pledge.



Thank you Jose, for taking my concern/question seriously. I have never considered any of Mun2’s content to be homophobic, and whether or not I agree with Mun2’s public acceptance/usage of “gay” as an appropriate jab (childish or not), I still love Mun2.

~ Daniela


So friends, to keep this entry completely “gay” AND put things in perspective, did you hear about the “that’s so gay” lawsuit?


But school officials say they took a strict stand against the putdown after two boys were paid to beat up a gay student the year before.

…We have to be aware how words and action are connected. If you attend a school where no one corrects your usage of gay as a putdown, and the very students who use this term end up beating the crap out of a student, isn’t the school being negligent to not try to educate their student body on what hurtful language is?

The lawsuit by the girl’s parents is just proof of failure on the school’s part to take preventive action (through education, discussion) in the first place.

this sums it up for me: [excerpt]

A confusing set of terms
Derogatory terms for homosexuality have long been used as insults. But the landscape has become confusing in recent years as minority groups have tried to reclaim terms like “queer,” “ghetto” and the n-word.

In recent years, gay rights advocates and educators have tried teaching students that it is hurtful to use the word “gay” as an all-purpose term for something disagreeable. At Berkeley High School, a gay student club passed out buttons with the words “That’s so gay” crossed out to get their classmates to stop using them.

Rick Ayers, a retired teacher who helped compile and publish the “Berkeley High School Slang Dictionary,” a compendium of trendy teen talk circa 2001, said educating students about offensive language is preferable to policing their speech.


I intended, and still intend, for this personal blog to share my interests and information about my creative projects. There is definitely a slant towards new media/social media going on in most of my blog posts, but sometimes (like this entry and the last), I am going to bring up issues that are important to me that might be a combo of new media and politics.

The personal is political, right? Happy Thursday 🙂

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Today’s Links & WTF #2: Mun2’s random gay diss

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I spent to much money at Sephora on lotions and face junk this morning which has made me a combo of satisfied and guilty = saguilty. So the self inflicted punishment is limiting myself to my collection of links from last night, and another WTF. 😦 Enjoy.


1.  Zooomr – Better than Flickr? Hm. Tell me, I’m to lazy to find out (yet)

Apparently the creator of Zooomr was only 17 years old when he wrote it, and did it in three months. I feel old, and slow.

2. How to track your roommate with frickin’ lasors

3. This chick loves Google more than you do.

4. Hate MySpace? Show them how it’s done! Aw yeah, Ning is back!!

5. SXSW Panel on Web Companies 2.0 – pretty cool! I hope they liveblog/simulacast.

6. Film To Expose MTV, BET & VH1 – Public Enemy’s Professor Griff makes an appearance in the film.

7. Bob Woodruff Reports: To Iraq and Back (Thanks, Monty)

8. This isn’t a link, but isn’t it awesome that Medieval Times’ hotline is 1-888-we-joust


WTF #2  Mun2’s random gay diss – Discuss

I love Mun2. They serve clever, original content and have an active, diverse community/audience.  So having said that, being a fan and dedicated viewer, I think that when I come across things that seem a little sketch I should call them out and open up a space to discuss. So here we go…


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Revver News, My Cool Friends, WTF, and general loveage

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Still can’t watch you on MySpace…

Last week Verizon announced their partnership with Revver.
…So, later this year, Revver videos will be available on television for free to Verizon FiOS customers.

PS: Are your revver clips available through vcast? Let me know, I’ll check ’em out.

Bloggadocious News 

This entry, besides being a scatter brained crackathon, introduces two new probably-not-to-be-regularly-updated features within “The Lair”:

My Cool Friends & WTF. Here we go!

Julia Barnes – Why is she cool? Obviously, hello. She used to be a slam poet, she has great style, and she buys me margaritas when I’m broke. I met her through LiveJournal a million years ago and now she is my “oldest” NYC homeskillet. But in case we need further justification, she recently introduced me to my new favorite time waster, Last.FM. To quote the ever elequent ‘Ju from a recent email exchange:

“I just got Last.FM… I feel so late to the game.  You should have one if you don’t already… this is cool as hell. Now I have a whole new way of stalking attractive strangers on the Internets – by checking how music-snobby they are.”

Way to go, Ju! You just became the first person profiled in My Cool Friends. Clappity clapperson. That just happened.

… And just when I thought I was done raving about Do The Ju, I stumbled across this in her myspace blog:

… What the eff is this, Julia? Oh:


“Dear MySpace… on’t know whether to laugh or be offended. I think Choice A. That’s some WTFuckery right there.”

…So without even trying, she has helped me with the very first installment of WTF.


My Alt. MTV

I love Antcast. And now I can love them on the go: Antcast: videos.antville now available as video podcast!


And lastly….

Pistolera Update #30ti40580468407:

My music video for “Cadazor” will soon be available through Free Speech TV – They asked for a copy and are going to air it.  …NYRemezcla is also showing it some love on their homepage. Thanks!

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