Monday Linkage: Reconciling “Me” with Me

Posted on May 14, 2007. Filed under: links I like (today), My Musings, MySpace, VCAM |

My Dear “Me” Generation,

What’s it all about? You want to make the content, create the ads that promote the content, then send the content to your friends and make money off of them, relying on us to serve as audience and distributor. What’s wrong with this paradigm? In theory, nothing. …Yet. However the more our personal, niche interests are exploited for our own pleasure and economic gain, the more privacy we lose. Is privacy less important to the “Me” generation? Time will tell. But until then, by all means, continue to post the minutiae of your life for everyone to see.

But don’t complain when prospective employers choose not to interview you because of narcissistic video confessions. Peeps – Do you honestly think HR isn’t Googling you?
How do you protect your freedom of self expression online and still present yourself as an attractive candidate to employers?

Let’s continue observing the way life is being altered (for better or for worse) by all this connectivity.

And you’ll have to excuse the toxic levels of cynicism in today’s posting. I saw Spiderman 3 last night and had to gouge my eyes out with my straw, so I’m not in the best mood.


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