How To Crack Rocketboom’s “Left or Right Brain Function” Post

Posted on October 10, 2007. Filed under: Left or Right Brain Function, Rocketboom |

Have you been able to make the direction the dancer spins change – without keeping one eye closed?

Check out the post.

It’s easy.

Just look at the shadow of her foot. “See” it going clockwise, then let your eyes travel up to the dancer. Her whole body will go clockwise.

Do the same for counter-clockwise.


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Rocketboom gets props on CSI

Posted on February 17, 2007. Filed under: CSI, Rocketboom |

I was just watching television, taking a break from a weekend edit session, when what do I see but Rocketboom referenced on CSI! I don’t watch this show so excuse my awful description, but the antagonist of this particular episode, an ex felon out for revenge,
“Googles” some guy he wants to execute and ROCKETBOOM comes up in his search. He clicks on the link and finds out info about his target through Amanda’s update.

Ha ha! This convergence amuses me. 🙂 I don’t know if this was an old episode or not, but I keep seeing more and more interesting examples of internet use being incorporated into television dramas.

 I am especially thrilled by the idea of hit men using Google as a way to get an update on their victim. Yes, I am sick.

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