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The Learnin’: It Ain’t Easy. (And Linkage)

Posted on July 17, 2007. Filed under: French 101 Intensive Course, links I like (today), Me Complaining |

I started french lessons this month and was *shocked* to discover how freaking hard it is to juggle intensive instruction, a full time job, and my 8 trillion personal endeavors.

There’s nothing like putting in a full day’s work and then going home to study.
Yes, this entry is almost entirely me complaining, and it has been tagged as such.

 Links I Liked Today
– Why Your Web Marketing Strategy Needs A Widget – Fast Company*

*There’s a surprise in there ^_^

– NBC Universal yesterday announced the launch of myNBC, a social networking site created for fans of NBC programming.   – Beet TV

–  Don’t Let NYC Destroy Local Filmmaking: Filmmaker Jem Cohen (“Chain”) sent an email around this morning, alerting friends to the fact that the New York Mayor’s Office of Theater, Film, and Broadcasting wants to severely restrict the ability of amateur photographers and filmmakers to operate in New York City.  – Anthony Kaufman’s Blog

According to ComScore, In May 132 million Americans — seventy-five percent of the U.S. internet users — viewed streaming video online – NewTeeVee

– Second Life running on Nokia n800: Check out the mobile wizardry of Second Life resident Wrestling Hulka, who has a limited version of the virtual world running on the Nokia n800. – 3pointd

~ Bonne nuit!

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Facebook Hooks up with Everyone & ByeBye MySpace

Posted on June 20, 2007. Filed under: deleting profiles, Friendster, Last FM, Me Complaining, splashcast on facebook |

Facebook is such a player! According to Cynopsis, Facebook says it is attracting 1,000 developers a day building new tools for the open source Facebook Platform. New widgets include a video player developed by SplashCast that allows users to watch the most recent Rocketboom podcast. The Skype Me application allows friends to ping each other via Skype.

I know I am not the only person suffering from the LAST FM/Facebook integration issues. This relationship was pure genius but seriously, get it together asap.

Back in May, CBS attempted to be cooler by hooking up with LAST FM. Teehee. I know this is old news but if you are my mom or Jessicah Pratt, it’s new to you.


Embracing MeatSpace (for now)

After 4+ years, I recently deleted my MySpace profile. I also deleted my old LiveJournal account, and attempted to delete my Friendster account but was prevented from doing so.

Message I was sent:

You may cancel your account at any time. From any Friendster page, click on “Settings” (top right of page) > scroll to bottom of this “Settings” page and click on “Cancel Account” > follow instructions.

Starting from “Cancel Account” – new page opens
Scroll down to middle of page to “Cancellation Form”: make sure below fields are populated in order to proceed with cancellation process.

1. Email address: Enter your email address you use to login to Friendster
2. Password: Enter your password you use to login to Friendster
3. Check one of the options and state your reasons for second last and last options in given fields (Optional)
4. Do not forget to check on verification; ‘Yes, I want to cancel my Friendster account”.
5. Hit on “proceed” button once

If you think you are still logged in, hit refresh on your browser window.

That is fine and dandy. I did all those things and in the menu for inputting your password, it kept denying it although it’s the same password I have used for years. I have sort of given up on deleting it for now and am mostly just pleased with how I have zero qualms about removing myself from most social networking spaces.

Essentially, beyond work related needs, I am trying to keep things simple. The friends who matter will track me down, and I can look forward to hearing about their lives in person, on the phone, through texts, and emails. Not through blind bulletins and blog postings. I seek simplicity and quality.

Sure, I still scan my 300+ blog feeds everyday and my usual social media snoopage, and because of my job I am online more than I am offline.

But for now, it’s important to me more than ever that when I am offline- I’m off. Sorry. If you really want me to know about something, call, text, or email. Do not count on me to check your twitter, blog, or profile updates. I will be completely oblivious to humorous comment threads. For now, I’m releasing myself into the sweet embrace of meatspace.

Last night on the J train I watched a little boy do a cheeto dance in his stroller (he had a bag of cheeto’s and suddenly burst into this hysterical wriggling dance with the bag), and I thanked the universe that I wasn’t obsessively checking my texts or vmail or else I would have missed it.

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Thursday Linkage & Seriously, Universe. Give me a break.

Posted on June 14, 2007. Filed under: Goosebumps books to big screen, links I like (today), Me Complaining, youtube and presidential debate |

Can one thing go right this week without ten other things getting eff’d?

K thanks bye.

Thursday Linkage: Collaborations makes the World Go ‘Round

* CNN’s partnership with Youtube = User generated video in upcoming Presidential Debates – via newteevee

* 20th Century Fox is teaming with R.L. Stine to bring his best-selling kids horror series Goosebumps to the big screen – via bloody disgusting

* Steven Spielberg endorses Hilary Clinton – via deadline hollywood daily

New Haven, Connecticut became the first city to offer municipal IDs to both citizens and undocumented immigrants – via Mun2

How To Paint The Mona Lisa in Ms Paint – via Dabble

In closing: Universe, you need to take me out for a margarita tomorrow.

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Pistolera Touring Up A Storm & Band 2.0 Tip

Posted on May 22, 2007. Filed under: Me Complaining, My Projects, Pistolera, pistolera on tour |

Ani and Sandra at Zanzibar after a show

I love Pistolera. Back in the winter of 2006, I was lucky enough to shoot/direct their first music video that has since aired on several channels and is included on an immigration rights DVD.

~ Currently in the Lair pipeline is a feature on Pistolera for the June/July issue of Urban Latino Magazine. I hope you will check it out and let me know what you think.

Pistolera just finished wrapping up their spring Belgium/Holland tour, and a few days ago finally returned to the states after performing for thousands of people at the Ollin Kan Festival in Mexico City.

!!! Check them out for free at the upcoming Celebrate Brooklyn! Festival on July 5th !!!

Here is an excerpt from their Belgium/Holland tour diary:

“Our only gig in Brussels! A cool space called DeKriekelaar. It was the best show of the tour! Totally packed, and there were even latinos there that cheered for the lyrics. We did a great merch and Eileen had a stalker…”

After the jump, a clip from that very show and a handy 2.0 tip for bands seeking quick/accurate blog coverage:


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New Media Video News blogs without podcast feeds: Damn them to Hell?

Posted on May 4, 2007. Filed under: Beet TV, Me Complaining, why no rss for video? |

I was going to damn Beet TV’s Andy Plesser to Hell for (as of today) still not offering a video podcast feed, as if anyone still cares about FireAnt anymore with the plethora of rss video aggregating channels out there with embed options. I don’t want to have to download anything to watch video! Sheesh!

I would like to watch video feeds from Fast Company, Adult Swim, Democracy Now!, Wired, AND Beet TV – switching between them all with ease – and then if I feel like it, getting them all on my ipod. I can do this with all – save Beet TV. Why Andy, why? Why do you continue to force me to visit your page to watch video when most other sources provided mobile options?

I am a part of the Me generation, and us Me’s like to have it OUR way. NOW. Most of the innovators behind the new media revolution are young and plugged in. We are connected, interfacing with people through several mediums all day and night, and we are not timid to question/complain when we are not being served properly.

..But I hate the idea of permanently damning someone anywhere, even if it’s just a page on a website.

Aw, when did I become a nice girl?

damning site via jetset

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Vanity Sizing * The Gap is a House of Lies.

Posted on May 4, 2007. Filed under: Me Complaining, The Gap, vanity sizing |

Are women really so insecure that we need to pretend we are several sizes smaller than we actually are?

Due to a combination of poor time management, being in the middle of moving, and working late hours, I was forced to stop by the Times Square Gap this morning to purchase some pants.

Earlier I had gone to a local tourist trap jeans warehouse, where I purchased a pair of slightly tight fitting size 3 Levis. I am a 5ft4 young woman who has recently put on a little weight, and so I am probably like 125-128 lbs. In 2005 I fit into a 3, and I was a scary bony skeleton. I am much more attractive as a 4/5. So I knew something was up, but couldn’t be sure.

…Until I visited the Gap. Then I knew, something was definitely afoot.

I tried on a pair of black pants, marked size 4. I took them into the dressing room with me and found myself going for a swim. They were giganto.

Rather than flatter myself, I decided to investigate. I asked the dressing room attendant for a size 2, which I knew (except in bizarro land) would most definitely not fit my behind.

She brings me this supposed size 2, which lo and behold fits me like a glove.


I am not a 2. I don’t want to be a 2. If I could fit into a real 2, I would be completely unhealthy looking. As I’ve said, I enjoy my appearance in a (normal) size 4, so this 2 business was a total sham.

So to reiterate – The Gap’s current size 2 is really more like a large size 5. So now, besides their wares making me look like an appletini swigging douche bag, they are trying to lure me into some sort of weird false sense of security – as if fitting into a “2” makes me hotter.

Screw that, I would rather be a little chunk with my dignity intact, than proudly parading around like some idiot with a size two plastered all over my butt.

vanity sizing

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It’s Tuesday but it feels like a Monday.

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… Chris Webber is from my hometown. My mom loves The Sacramento Kings. So, here’s a link to the Chris Webber news package my coworker Monty produced and that I built for the Overdrive News channel.  “The Pistons star talks about his African-American artifacts, how hip-hop influenced his game and what he jams to in the locker room.”

There you go mom, go crazy.

Some links I clicked today (well, this morning)

MTV and NPR adapt to changing demographics – The MTV wigitizing/joost collab/embed decisions are not news to me, but I found the contrast with NPR’s changes interesting.

Viacom Turns on YouTube, now Greets Joost with Open Arms – In case you didn’t know.

surveillance infrastructure – MySpace using content-recognition software

Excerpt – “As media companies struggle to reclaim control over their movies, television shows and music in a world of online file-sharing software, they have found an ally in software of another kind. The new technological weapon is content-recognition software, which makes it possible to identify copyrighted material, even, for example, from blurry video clips. The technology could address what the entertainment industry sees as one of its biggest problems — songs and videos being posted on the Web without permission.
Last week, Vance Ikezoye, the chief executive of Audible Magic in Los Gatos, Calif., demonstrated the technology by downloading a two-minute clip from YouTube and feeding it into his company’s new video-recognition system. The clip — drained of color, with dialogue dubbed in Chinese — appeared to have been recorded with a camcorder in a dark movie theater before it was uploaded to the Web, so the image quality was poor. Still, Mr. Ikezoye’s filtering software quickly identified it as the sword-training scene that begins 49 minutes and 37 seconds into the Miramax film “Kill Bill: Vol. 2.””

Why I am Tired and Sick

I had a three day weekend like most of you, but I spent the entire time working on my short film. These last three days have been my least favorite part of the whole experience, because we are now dealing with the audio. Oh god, I hate it! I can’t wait for it to be over. Important lesson – I do not have any talent at scoring. Good to know. Next time, I will put this in the hands of someone who actually knows what they are doing. I work with Rich Sancho at MTV, who besides being a rock star on the job is also a scoring genius in his spare time, so perhaps next time I will ask him for assistance in this area. …Because I think it’s pretty clear at this point that I really suck at it.

Title update – It is no longer called “Lily’s Evening”. The new title is “Proximity”. I will have a youtube link up either tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned.

I was so stressed out this weekend I somehow became sick from the stress, and now I have a runny nose and a ginormous head ache. I also got in an argument with my creative partner on this project and stormed out last night. *sigh* I am such a drama queen.

However, Proximity will be finished this week, and despite this minor obstacle I have really enjoyed the process. I hadn’t made a short film in two years so this was a long time coming. I am still submitting it to The Lot, I mean I know it’s past the deadline but hey – I have seen some of the submissions on their website… I think in comparision Jennifer and I have a fairly good shot.

What needs to Happen… soon.

It’s very difficult to find that healthy, delicate balance between work, your creative projects, time with friends, general personal upkeep/chores, and maintaining your sanity.

After I am done with this short film I am going to take the time to sit down and prioritize the gajillion things I need and want to do.

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Secret to my svelteness? The Incompetence Diet.

Posted on February 8, 2007. Filed under: dieting, Me Complaining |

Ever since I moved to NYC (going on) three years ago, I have found it very easy to stay relatively thin.

Like many newyorkers I don’t have a car, which means I walk everywhere. I probably climb at least 5 very tall flights of stairs a day, and probably walk at least ten miles a week. This is assuming I am only going to work and then home again.

Ok, so a few stairs and blocks doesn’t keep anyone within a size 3-5 range, I know. However I do not exercise at all, at all! Which has made me wonder how I manage to still illicit comments like “thin, fit, etc”. I feel like a phony skinny person. My weight has always fluxuated, and before I moved to NYC there was a point when I was a rather large person (double digit size), and a pair of size 3 jeans seemed like a magical speck in way off in the horizon of “that’s not happenin’ any time soon” while I stuffed my face with fries.

I still stuff my face with fries, so what’s the deal?

So here are some other factors that might contribute to my mysteriously small frame:

1 – I’m a phony vegetarian.

I primarily eat non “was walkin’ around before” food, and rarely eat dairy. Not because I am trying to be healthy, God no. I was unfortunately born seriously lactose intolerant, and can only deal with like two dairy foods a week without turning into a wretched mess. I don’t eat red meat because my ultra religious parents forced me to be vegan the first nine years of my life, which has made processing heavy meats a lifelong problem. I love sushi, occassionaly things with chicken, but otherwise I eat a whole shitload of tofu on a regular basis. I’m not a huge fan of greasy things other than fries, which I consume like a crack whore. I probably eat fries with every meal, if I can manage it.

So, due to upbringing and genetics, my diet is fairly healthy. I do indulge sometimes but mostly I eat small portions of non greasy things, no red meat, and lots of soy based crap. done.

2 – People are always screwing up my Orders

Like many Newyorkers, I don’t cook. I mostly order, and for whatever reason incompetence often forces me to fast or eat very little. Veggie items I ordered will be sprinkled with pork, my tuna sandwich won’t have any tuna in it, and so on. Because I am lazy, I rarely deal with this, and end up either waiting til the next meal or eating crackers.

3 – I don’t like colored drinks.

I don’t know why, but they bother me. It’s not really a problem with juices, but definitely with sodas. I drink all sorts of juices but if I do ever drink soda it’s only clear selections like Sprite or Ginger Ale.

4 – Caffeine turns me into a crack whore

I am sensitive to caffeine. It makes me cu-razzzy and annoying. I’ll indulge now and again, but I mostly deprive myself from fancy mocha latte thisorthats, and apparently those are heavy on calories. So without trying, I am once again “being healthy”. Whatever.

5 – I am broke.

My rent is a lot more nowadays, so I can’t afford to be a bar hopping alcoholic like the good ole days. Alcohol has a lot of calories, but even when I was slamming those drinks, I usually stuck with shots of the hard stuff or vodka tonics. The mixed fruity drinks and those with soda are the most heaviest on calories, so yet again, I was being a “healthy person”.

Incompetence + digestive issues + NY living = Daniela’s gettin’ a little bony.

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I could have been a Prodigy.

Posted on January 22, 2007. Filed under: Marla Omstead, Me Complaining, Sundance |

While browsing through the selections at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, I came across the documentary I Could Paint That, which scrutinizes societies obsession with child prodigies.

Marla Olmstead, the little girl in the image above and who is featured in the doc, has had her work exhibited in art shows since before she could ride a bicycle. She has sold over 300,000 worth of her art. Her family must be very proud.

Here is some parental advice (I have no children of my own but, I love to give advice on child rearing) –  If you want your kid to make more money than you before he or she hits puberty, convince everyone around you that he/she is an art prodigy, rather than something that requires more tangible proof.

Artistic genius is really in the eye of the beholder, and if you make these bold claims that your kid is the next Einstein, well, you’re going to have to get him a little lab coat, and oh yes – he needs to actually do something scientific. But with art? No sweat.  Make sure that their style is also something really abstract. Perhaps they can specialize in rows of chicken scratches. Maybe you prop up their chubby little arm, give it a swirl or two – is that a crime, really? It is really art? Is your child the slightest bit talented? Who cares? As long as you can get enough people and enough press to believe that the fruit of your loins is the next Michelangelo, you’re made in the shade.

… Oh, it also helps if you are white/upper middle class, and you can afford a publicist. If you are not, tough noogies.

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