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Cross-Site Video Syndication Issues – Can all your channels play in your RSS?

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If you are a subscriber to Beet TV‘s rss feed, you have probably noticed that they publish video on several platforms.

Both Google Video and Youtube channel embeds play within RSS reader windows (I use Google Reader and Bloglines).

Back in May, Beet TV indicated they were going to start doing more cross-site video syndication, and today posted a blip TV channel embed. Fine, but the problem is that you cannot play a blip tv file within Beet TV’s current rss feed.

With WordPress, if you have Full Text set on your feed options, and your feedreader supports it, then the video will show there too… So…

Jetset also uses the blip TV player and their segments don’t play within the feed either. It is a little annoying to have to open an entire other window just to watch video from a blog/vlog that posts video on a regular basis. Their sister vlog, Rocketboom, does not use blip tv (that I know of) but share the same problem — you can’t watch their video in the feed. You have to open another window outside of your rss reader.

Splashcast plays in RSS feeds, as does dailymotion, Revver, video egg, and brightcove. What’s up with Blip TV?

So I have 3 Cross-Site Video Syndication Related Questions, in case one day I decide to syndicate myself all over the web:

– Can services like Maven Networks, who provide a tool to simultaneously publish on multiple sites, also provide an automatic handy service that notifies you when your video embeds are/aren’t viewable within their rss feed?

– What’s the point of subscribing to a video channel’s RSS feed if I can’t watch it within my RSS reader?

– Is Beet TV’s/Jetset’s problem incorrect markup or is it a problem for Google/Blip TV to solve?

PS: Mun2, did you know your videos don’t play in your RSS feed either? Grrr! 🙂 Oh well. I already visit their website every day anyway. But hey – I had to mention it.

Handy Links

What is MRSS

Video Search to Go – How to put your video searches into a podcast

edit: I understand that the aforementioned feeds (except for Beet TV, who still doesn’t offer a working video podcast feed ugh) are optimized for video podcast subscribers. However, if text consistently accompanies your video it’s silly not to assume that people will also subscribe through their RSS Readers, and will want to be able to view the video while they are reading your text. Within the same window. Gracias.

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New Media Video News blogs without podcast feeds: Damn them to Hell?

Posted on May 4, 2007. Filed under: Beet TV, Me Complaining, why no rss for video? |

I was going to damn Beet TV’s Andy Plesser to Hell for (as of today) still not offering a video podcast feed, as if anyone still cares about FireAnt anymore with the plethora of rss video aggregating channels out there with embed options. I don’t want to have to download anything to watch video! Sheesh!

I would like to watch video feeds from Fast Company, Adult Swim, Democracy Now!, Wired, AND Beet TV – switching between them all with ease – and then if I feel like it, getting them all on my ipod. I can do this with all – save Beet TV. Why Andy, why? Why do you continue to force me to visit your page to watch video when most other sources provided mobile options?

I am a part of the Me generation, and us Me’s like to have it OUR way. NOW. Most of the innovators behind the new media revolution are young and plugged in. We are connected, interfacing with people through several mediums all day and night, and we are not timid to question/complain when we are not being served properly.

..But I hate the idea of permanently damning someone anywhere, even if it’s just a page on a website.

Aw, when did I become a nice girl?

damning site via jetset

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Beet TV to become ever Cooler? & Tuesday Tasty Linkage

Posted on March 6, 2007. Filed under: Beet TV, links I like (today) |

Is Cool

I spent this morning speaking with Andy Plesser about the future of Beet TV. I can’t give away any secrets but I will say definitely keep an eye on their vlog…

Tuesday Tasty Linkage

1. Redman Live Freestyle Jayson was listening to this at his desk this morning and I was loving it!


Greatest Hip-Hop Groups: The Postgame – Watch Run-DMC’s Run and Public Enemy’s Chuck D chop it up about the greatest hip-hop groups.

3. The 50 Most Important People on the Web – Do you agree with their list? (And why are powerful people often not cute?)

4. Pixelodeon is happening in Los Angeles June 9th & 10th!

“You won’t even have to be in LA to check it out, as all the programming will be available online. So why screen it in a theater at all? “So [vloggers] can mingle with producers, people who have the resources to take your work to the next level,” Steve suggested. Both of them were adamant that this is not about breaking into ‘the industry,’ but a showcase of how online video has emerged as a viable medium in its own right.” via newteevee

5. Coming Soon’s interview with The Host’s Bong Joon-ho

…I predict that The Host is going to be the best horror film of the year. t’s also notable that it’s a Korean film, and their film industry is only now getting major international attention. I think that what Crouching Tiger did to bring Chinese cinema to the mainstream, The Host will do for Korean cinema.

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The 2.0 Life of Daniela

Posted on February 13, 2007. Filed under: Beet TV, Jose Castillo, Latinos in Tech, PodcampNYC, Think Jose, Urban Latino Magazine, work |

So, besides the other 2 million media related things I involve myself with, I am also a columnist for Urban Latino Magazine. ..Although I find it to be an interesting read, their website is poo, but don’t blame me because I didn’t design it!

The best part about contributing to this rag is that it exposes me to upcoming Latino artists and creative types. I was introduced to Pistolera by reviewing their debut album (who I contacted through myspace), which turned into me directing/producing their first music video, so I find it interesting how my life is connected by all these random threads…

Last month I profiled new media guru Jose Castillo for the first installment of my Latinos in Tech column (that I wish I could link to, but can’t because of Urban Latino’s very un-web 2.0 site!!!). I “found” Jose through one of my favorite sites, Beet TV, where he was featured speaker on online video trends.

Jose is going to be at PodcampNYC and I think I’m going to go too, just to hang out with him in person and fill my head with lots of podcasty goodness.

MTV soon to let you Snag (woohoo)

… I keep reading everywhere that the “big news” is that MTV is going to start allowing viewers to grab video. This has been in the works forever so it’s not really big news to me.

Mika Salmi, MTV Networks president of global digital media, was quoted as saying: 

“We need to open up our websites and content both for consumers and for other companies.”

Comedy Central already lets you embed their clips, so I will be excited (I guess) when all channels/divisions including MTV News have the ability to do this. … But in a way it’s kind of like trying to get excited about, let’s say, gaining the ability to draw a circle. It’s good that it will happen, but it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo about time. geez.

In any case, right now you can get around not being able to download MTV News content in Overdrive by subscribing to our video podcasts. I have seen many of our podcast files in youtube, which means some of the smarties in our audience are doing their part to share what they like.

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