MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue & YPulse Tween Mashup Request

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Today is the historic MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue featuring John Edwards.

The MTV/MySpace Presidential Dialogue with John Edwards will take place Thursday at 12 p.m. ET. The entire dialogue will be webcast live through both and, and will then be rebroadcast on MTV on Thursday at 7 p.m.

Tired of scripted, old-style Presidential debates? MySpace & MTV join forces to empower you to ask questions directly to top Presidential candidates and respond to their answers in real-time.

… Because of this, I am not at the YPulse Tween Mashup conference I was talking about back in August (see My Musings: Thoughts on Tweens and the Mashup (I want to go) ). Is someone going to be liveblogging at this conference? I hope so.

Definitely visit or right now to catch the live stream. And of course, check back at for the on-demand version that we will be working on all day. It’s pretty exciting to be involved with something that has never been done before. Will it be successful? What kinds of questions will the kids ask? We’ll find out…

EDIT: The on-demand version has been online since 3:30pm. Click here to watch!

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If you are curious about the changes happening over at, sign up as a Beta tester.

It’s interesting to read some of the comments kids are leaving.

You can read more about the community beta launch on the MTV Labs blog.

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Yeah, It’s Been A While.

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It’s 5am over here in Vegas and I am on my way back to my hotel room. This has been my home since last Wednesday… The photo is a shot of Vegas from my window on the plane. There are more Vegas pics in my Flickr account, mostly from my first night here, as that was the last time I really had to myself.

My first experience working on location for the job will end in two days. It’s been amazing/hard/fun/tiring/incredible/stressful/awesome, and has strangely inspired me to do some serious thinking about what I want my future to be like. 

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Black20 makes Big Media their Bitch

Posted on May 18, 2007. Filed under: black20, MTV, the human giant |, a new Brooklyn-based broadband entertainment company, just called into The Human Giant‘s live show and plugged their site on air, reaching millions of viewers who love short form comedy.

Free promo! Smarties!

… The Human Giant is probably one of three shows I bother to watch on MTV. I love the Upright Citizens Brigade and this is like having access to that kind of comedic gold all day long.

Back in 2005, I was lucky enough to be working as a casting assistant for an indie flick, and was able to read with several of the UCB talent that ended up on Human Giant. They are just as funny in person 🙂

edit: Currently, you cannot embed Black20 videos. Meah. Lame. 

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Embedding MTV content is now! (kinda)

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So you think you can’t watch MTV content without going to, huh? 

Ever heard of Subterranean?

It’s a weekly music show on MTV2 dedicated to alternative, indie, and
underground music and artists. The show was made as the modern-day continuation of MTV’s 120 Minutes. It normally airs on Sunday nights at 1 a.m. ET (technically Monday morning).

I was checking out their blog today (which is pretty cool) and saw this:

They’ve embedded a Modest Mouse video straight from Overdrive, along with many others in their blog entries! I think this is a fantastic way to *temporarily* get around the fact that we still don’t have a branded, syndicated player *yet*.

I tried to embed the video here too but wordpress wouldn’t let me 😦

… It will be nice when all MTV content can be shared.

… Comedy Central’s syndicated player gets love all the time: The Digital Journal recently covered John Stewart’s cool interview with the founder of Craigslist.

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