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Post-Birthday Llamas

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Last Saturday was my birthday, and feeling a tad city weary and overwhelmed with typical 20-something angst, decided that some fresh air might do me some good.

I took a bus from Port Authority and headed upstate to meet my friend Thea. She had arranged for us to stay with her Aunt and Uncle who live in a town that I have now forgotten the name of, but it’s within forty minutes of Monticello. I distinctly remember signs that said “Catskills” but I could have been imagining that. You can probably tell I have never been very far upstate.

I am so glad I was able to get away.

Although I consider myself a city girl, I can freely admit that rural areas are not without their charms. I swung in a hammock and looked up at millions of stars. I ate a tiny cucumber straight from the vine. I saw lots of of run over woodland creatures splattered all over the road – that reminded me of California the most. Sometimes the city can feel so stifling. When things get rough I find myself longing for a simpler existence, where my main priorities are less complex and all tangible – with clear solutions.

They say the grass is greener, and so for a few days I basked in my own interpretation of my new “simpler” surroundings, relishing the illusion that I didn’t have anything to worry about – at least until I was done exploring the corn maze.


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MTV’s You R Here Blog: Team Dresch & Antler!

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Check out my music show adventures from this past weekend on MTV’s You R Here blog.

I didn’t plan on writing anything but decided if I truly am a music fan, the least I can do is help Team Dresch and Antler get some coverage.

– via mike fischer’s flickr set 

In totally unrelated news, I met with my French instructor this morning and we are in the process of plotting out the summer syllabus. If you know of any places in NYC where I can practice my French speaking skills with native speakers, please leave me a comment.

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MTV goes Blogging & Interns making me feel Old.

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You like me and I like it all
We like dancing and we look divine…

Rebel rebel, youve torn your dress
Rebel rebel, your face is a mess
Rebel rebel, how could they know?
Hot tramp, I love you so!

I miss good music.

…As reported on by everyone and their mother a while back, and Shelly Palmer, MTV plans on building literally thousands of websites, hoping to draw viewers by letting them watch, contribute and even re-edit television shows.

So, have any of you noticed all the MTV branded blogs popping up? This is part of the whole initiative to target niche audiences. …I didn’t find out about them in any sort of insider/employee only email. I stumbled upon these randomly during one of my online researching adventures for work.

The new MTV blogs I’ve found so far:

MT Labs – Gives you updates on any changes to the website, and info on all new mtv blogs

Subterranean – My favorite in terms of MTV content. The scoop on indie bands and videos.

Headbanger’s Blog –  The Metal/Rock blog? I don’t know, I don’t watch this.

MTV Style Blog – The content is cool, the design is pretty awful. I doubt this is the fault of the style people. I assume that the reason all these MTV blogs look the same is part of getting them out there as quickly as possible, and that design tweaks will come later. Hopefully.

Sucker Free Blog – Sucker Free! It has a banner!

Scarred Blog – Ehh? What the hell is this? Talk about your niche communities.

Battle of the Videos – This blog seems to have the most work put into it. Viewers vote on videos, get to introduce videos, comment, etc. Wow – user interaction?!!! On an MTV site? Finally?!!! Ha.

The Human Giant –  A blog for the show. It’s pretty funny.

Taquita and Kaui’s Blog – Who are these people? I don’t know. But they have a show on MTV, and a blog.

In my search for MTV blogs, I also came across this old? website, which I think belongs to MTV Canada. No one here knew what it was- The Hive. I tried to navigate around it for five minutes, got a headache, then gave up.

Wish I was a Kid Again

Two of our interns  are leaving us. While it was their first experience working at el grande big media MTV News, it was my first experience working closely with interns. Through this, I discovered that if people approach me when I have headphones on, I get flustered and stare into space for a few seconds before I can give directions/answer questions. But seriously, these girls were whip smart and resourceful, and in thinking back on all the talks we had I suddenly felt old and wanted to remind myself that yes, I am only 25, and although at a stage where I can give career advice I still need plenty o’ guidance myself.

So, here’s to not growing up too fast.

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